Frequently Asked Questions

Mailcell is an instant e-mailing application which provides people to send e-mails directly to the phone numbers without typing an e-mail address.
1. This is the first mobile application sending e-mails to the phone numbers directly without typing an e-mail address.
2. Users are able to send location, voice messages, and contact informations by an official e-mail (you will be able to scan and attach your documents by Mailcell very soon).
3. It’s not compulsory to save the contacts in to your phonebook, and you may easily type the phone number to send an e-mail instead.
4. Mailcellindicatestheunreadmailswith a bluetagnextto it forbothusers (senderandreciever). Mail sender can easilyunderstandwhetherthereciever had readthe mail or not by this blue tag.
5. You may keep your private e-mails by a password in Lockedbox.
Yes, it is free.
You don’t need a big space since Mailcell is storing all of your documents in the server on behalf of you.
Mailcell works with the same display as many usual e-mails. However; you can figure out whether the e-mail comes from one of your contact saved in your phone book or not. It simply discriminated by Inbox and Xbox.
Mailcell indicates the unread mails with a blue tag next to it for both users (sender and reciever). Mail sender can easily understand whether the reciever had read the mail or not by this blue tag. If the blue tag is on in your Sentbox; it indicates your mail hadn’t been read yet.
Don’t worry if you had deleted Mailcell App mistakenly from your phone. When you re-install Mailcell app you will get your all old mails. However; if you have deleted your mails from Trashbox then you can’t get back them.
In main menu, click settings, and signature. Type your signature and submit.